Victrola Coffee Roasters

Victrola Coffee Roasters is a Seattle-born, boutique coffee roaster established in 2000. It is owned by Dan Ollis, one of the legends of the Seattle coffee scene. The core of their mission is to educate and engage the global coffee community, connecting producter to consumer with every cup. Victrola roasts all of their coffee at their Pike St. Roastery in Seattle's Capital Hill district and is committed to the task of sourcing, roasting, and preparing the finest coffees available. Since inception, innovation has marked their roasting operations and coffee preparation. Their goal is to always have a well-rounded, interesting menu that stretches the global coffee growing regions.


Victrola strives to know as much as they possibly can about every coffee they offer. Whenever possible, they visit the farm, meet the producer, and research the price paid to the farmer and the growing conditions. They have developed the Farm to Cup designation in order to share that information with their customers. This assures that the coffee they are buying is completely traceable, that they paid a fair price, and that good farming practices were used.


Victrola believes it takes work to highlight the unique characteristics of each coffee. They take great care to make incremental adjustments in their roasts, in order to bring out the full flavor of each bean. For every coffee they offer, they have created a detailed road map, or profile, charting each phase of the bean's development. Their skilled roasters ensure that every roast meticulously follows its planned trajectory, hitting temperature and time benchmarks. When it comes to the coffee quality and freshness, they could be accused of being a little over the top. They roast to order and they pride themselves on having one of the smallest windows of freshness in the industry. They ship all coffees Fedex wthin, 12 hours of roasting.

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