Our 5 Stones

Pursue Excellence. Exercise Stewardship. Build Relationships. Practice Hospitality. Inspire Generosity.



We believe if we aim for perfection, we will attain excellence, and this mantra will permeate every aspect of our business, from the atmosphere and design of the café to the unparalleled customer service and premium product offerings. At 5 Stones, we are passionate about crafting and serving the highest quality coffees, teas, and food pairings available in the industry today.  Each cup is intentionally and artfully prepared with the goal of showcasing the complexity and unique flavor profiles of each drink. Our menu options are limited with a focus on quality over quantity; and each dish is made to order, prepared with the freshest ingredients, and served with pristine presentation.


We believe in being good stewards of our time, resources, and talent. Our coffee is prudently selected and ethically sourced by local roasters who are engaged in direct trade relationships with coffee producers across the globe. The coffee cherries are cultivated and processed with attention and care; the beans are roasted to perfection with a beautiful blend of art and science; consequently, we believe it is our duty to craft the cup with the utmost thoughtfulness and precision.


We understand that our potential as a company is directly proportional to the strength of our relationships. We believe that we were created to be in relationship with one another and to do life together. At 5 Stones we are dedicated to building and fostering genuine relationships with our guests, our team, our vendors, and our local community. We are also committed to creating an environment for our guests where real relationships can develop and grow.


We believe that coffee is not just a drink but an experience. It is our goal to create a memorable and uplifting experience for our guests every time they visit, whether for a quick refreshment, or for an extended stay. Our baristas are friendly and engaging and provide unparalleled customer service, with a spirit of humility and hospitality. Our cafes offer a warm and inviting atmosphere intentionally designed to make our guests feel “at home” and comfortable, whether they are meeting a friend, conducting business, studying, creating, or just unwinding and refreshing themselves. While many coffee shops hurry you out the door, we invite you to settle in, stay with us, and savor the experience.


Generosity is our corner "stone". It is in our DNA and it is who we are. We are a generous company, continually looking for opportunities to give and add value to our guests, our team, and our community, and we believe this will prove to be our greatest differentiator from the competition.

We are committed to producing a steady stream of income for the purpose of partnering with charitable organizations around the world that work to alleviate human suffering caused by disasters, poverty, war and injustice. We will feature and showcase non-profit organizations in our cafes and educate our guests on the mission and heart of their service. A few of our favorites include: Rescue Freedom International, International Justice Mission, Mission of Hope -- Haiti, The A21 Campaign, and House of Hope Community Centers.